There are many other forms of equestrian activity and sports seen worldwide. There are both competitive events and pleasure riding disciplines available.

 Arena sports

 Horse sports that use cattle


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Handling, riding, and driving horses has a number of health benefits and risks. Riding has some inherent risks, as when mounted, the rider's head may be up to 4 m (13 ft) from the ground, and the horse may travel at a speed of up to 65 km/h (40 mph)The injuries observed range from very minor injuries to fatalities. 


PRINCIPLES -Olympics - Eventing Events:
Team Competition- Individual Competition -ATHLETE/NOC QUOTA
Athlete quota: 75 riders and 75 horses (no reserve horses) Maximum per NOC:
For NOCs qualified in team competition, the maximum per NOC shall be 5 riders per nation, with the 3 best results to count.
For nations qualified only as individuals, the maximum per NOC shall be 2 riders.
An NOC may only participate with a maximum of 3 riders in the Final Individual competition.
Qualification for the Final Individual Eventing Jumping Competition: Ifafter the Team competition, a NOC has five or four riders qualified forthis competition the three best placed riders following the Teamcompetition will be selected to participate in the Individual Finalcompetition.

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The most common mechanism of injury is falling from the horse, followed by being kicked, trampled, and bit. About 3 out of 4 injuries are due to falling, broadly defined.

A broad definition of falling often includes being crushed and being thrown from the horse, but when reported separately each of these mechanisms may be more common than being kicked.

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